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Grain + Bias
Redefines practical comfort in modern workspaces while still paying homage to nostalgic comforts.
Re:Arrange Iterate
Discover the effortless beauty of this carpet tile collection that provides incredible capability for the hospitality industry.

Quietlife Longstraw Designed with a gentle Scandinavian influence, QuietLife promotes a feeling of calmness with its aesthetics and superior acoustic performance.

9509-1 Tufgrain Armchair


9507-1 Tufgrain Armchair


9505-1 Tufgrain Armchair


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The Living Company.

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Gallery Wide Width Prints
The first wide-width printed collection from the Panaz Design Studio, created with an unparalleled sense of scale, this range of 8 exclusive designs can set a subtle tone or bring a sense of drama to any design scheme.
Luxe Performance Velvet
A stain-resistant & waterproof upholstery option without compromise on opulence.
Early 20th Century inspired and in 10 enticing jewel colourways, the collection features 2 sculpted designs, coordinating perfectly with Enchant.
Shield Plus by Panaz is effective against Covid-19.
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Ashley Childers - this new collection is full of sophisticated, statement-making pieces. From furniture, mirrors, wall décor and rugs, to art, accessories and lighting.

Introducing Global Views Contract!